IPhone 4 Screen Replacement

How To Replace Screen On Your iPhone?


Apple Electronics hold the pride of having introduced the iPhone. Nowadays, people owning different models of iPhone are proud about their ownership. The users can use this device as a cell phone, can run different applications on it and they can also listen to their favorite music.

Even though, different models of this device look great and trendy, the problem with them is that the screen can become easily damaged or cracked. Many people experience this condition from time to time due to mishandling. The great news is that even when the screen breaks or cracks, there will not be any problem in the functioning of the device. But, opting for a iPhone 4 screen replacement from a professional replacement service will cost more for the owner. So, the owners wish to know how to do the iphone 4 screen replacement by themselves to save.

There are online stores that sell replacement screens for different models of this device. If the owner of the 4S model wants iPhone 4S screen replacement, he will have to purchase the appropriate screen from these online stores. Once the purchase is made and the replacement product has arrived, the owner can follow the instructions give below for iPhone 4S screen replacement, which is suitable for other models too:

The first thing to be done by the owners is to remove the sim card from the device. For doing this, they will have to locate the pin-sized hole that can be found on the top of the device. For releasing the card, they can just push a pin or paper clip down inside the hole. When the button is pushed far enough, the card will pop out of the top of the device.

The next thing to do is to flip the device over to expose its back. Then, the black covering should be removed from the device. If this cannot be done, a razor or knife can be used for easy removal. Once the cover is removed, the three Philip’s head screws should be unscrewed.

Like this every piece should be safely removed from inside and to remember how each part was earlier placed before removing, it is better to take photos from a digital camera at each and every stage. This will be helpful for replacement of the other parts, once the screen is replaced.

When doing this, iPhone 4 back glass can also be replaced to give a fresh look to the device. Even, the same thing can be done by purchasing the appropriate iPhone 4S back glass.

There are online stores that sell iPhone 4 back glass and iPhone 4S back glass to help the owners give a fresh look to their device then and there.